It’s wild sometimes how we are amazed by random mundane things around us. Our world is full of so much beauty which we often fail to appreciate, but we should. Here in this article, we are making you think about some such underappreciated things in the world.


You know-how amazing phones are, like the internet, the camera and the apps. We can talk and interact with people all around the world, learn new things, like what we are doing right now.

family breakfast

How amazing it feels when we simply drive across a road and can look at a house window, and appreciate a family having breakfast together. Even the grass never fails to amaze me when it’s green, and the sky is blue.

That sweet little smile you exchange with babysitting in her mother’s lap. Like each and every creature in this world is so different yet so similar.
The trees are so still and yet they are breathing and dancing with the wind.

How does everyone looks so beautiful when they smile? Someone laughing around you automatically brings a smile to your face.
It would have been so dark if the light was not discovered.

Just the voice of our mothers is enough to relieve every stress.
Just one compliment of our fathers is enough to make us believe in ourselves.
Isn’t it cute how a wristwatch would have been invented, to carry around in case you need to know the exact time?

It feels so unrealistic when I look at the stars and the moon. How is it even possible that such a beautiful world got created on its own?

It’s a privilege that we were born as human beings and are actually able to appreciate such little things. So we should take some time and just look around for a moment.


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