This time on Monday night Raw, we’ll see a gauntlet match for determining the competitor who’ll enter last in the Elimination Chamber next week. Also, this is the last show before the PPV, and these shows are always kinda exciting.

SEGMENT 1- Miz TV with special guest Drew Mcintyre

That was the Miz we were waiting for for so long. For a long time now, Miz was made to look like just a goof and it was the time that he started cutting such intense promos. Great stuff by him. The Mcintyre’s headbutt part was also great. Overall, a great start to the show.

Author’s Grade- A

MATCH 1- Riddle and Lucha House party vs Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander)

Lucha House Party was really amazing in this match and I’m actually surprised by this recent push they’re getting. Riddle won’t become US champion anytime soon, but the guy is way too good in the ring.

Author’s Rating- 3/5

SEGMENT 2- Mandy Rose, Bad Bunny and Damian Priest backstage

I don’t like how Damian’s entire main roster stay has become about hanging out with Bad Bunny now. The guy is too good to be wasted like that. Also, Bad Bunny is now somehow the 24/7 champion.

Author’s Grade- C

SEGMENT 3- New Day, Adam Pearce and Miz backstage

Kofi wanting to be a part of the Chamber now that Miz is out of it, made perfect sense. He fits the moniker of former WWE champions. I’m predicting Kofi beating Miz tonight.

Author’s Grade- B

MATCH 2- Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce

Now that’s the worst storyline they could’ve come up with WrestleMania this close now. They could’ve used Charlotte Flair in a million other ways than this stupid pregnancy storyline. This is totally unacceptable in 2021.

Author’s Rating- 1/5

SEGMENT 4- Backstage Interview- Sheamus

Sheamus is totally ready to return to the main event scene. I can foresee a Drew-Sheamus showdown in the main event tonight.

Author’s Grade- B

MATCH 3- Kofi Kingston vs Miz- If Kofi wins, he gets the final spot in EC, otherwise, John Morrison is in

That was a superb match between two veterans who have already delivered many great matches in the past. These two have great chemistry with each other and it showed in the match quality. Kingston picking up the victory made sense but I think he’s gonna lose at EC with some involvement by Retribution.

Author’s Rating- 4/5

SEGMENT 5- Backstage Interview- Lana and Naomi

Those were some lame jokes cracked by Lana and Naomi, mocking Nia Jax. I have a feeling we can see yet another upset tonight.

Author’s Grade- C

SEGMENT 6- Randy Orton backstage

If that was anything, it was an indication that The Fiend is returning at Elimination Chamber to cost Randy Orton the match. I’d still love a Randy vs Alexa match soon.

Author’s Grade- B

MATCH 4- Lana vs Shayna Baszler

I’m glad they didn’t let Lana beat Shayna at least. Shayna doesn’t deserve getting treated like that, now that she’s nowhere near the Raw women’s championship picture.

Author’s Rating- 1.5/5

SEGMENT 7- Backstage- Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman

I have a feeling that WWE has something in a plan for Strowman in the future. Possibly a showdown against Mcintyre at WrestleMania?

Author’s Grade- B

MATCH 5- Gauntlet- AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston

That was just a masterclass from two superstars who have been in the business too long to know how to pull off great matches out of nowhere. Styles winning was great as people shouldn’t forget that he’s still a threat to Mcintyre.

Author’s Rating- 3.5/5

MATCH 6- Gauntlet- AJ Styles vs Drew Mcintyre

It was surprising that Styles got so much momentum after beating Kingston with much difficulty. And that too despite being a heel. Mcintyre looked crisp and I’d like to see these two go at it sometime in the future too.

Author’s Rating- 3.5/5

MATCH 7- Gauntlet- Drew Mcintyre vs Jeff Hardy

This match showed how there’s a great chance that Jeff is the one getting eliminated first in the EC on Sunday. Anyhow, it was a great effort by both superstars with Drew looking a million bucks in victory. Jeff got a lot of momentum too.

Author’s Rating- 3/5

MATCH 8- Gauntlet- Drew Mcintyre vs Randy Orton

As expected, Randy lost by count-out with interference by Alexa Bliss yet again. These two need to have a singles match before The Fiend returns finally. Mcintyre needed to win somehow to move on to the showdown against Sheamus, which looks very special now.

Author’s Rating- 2/5

MAIN EVENT- Gauntlet- Drew Mcintyre vs Sheamus- Winner becomes the last to enter the Elimination Chamber on Sunday

This was exactly what was expected out of it. Sheamus was surely elevated to the main event scene aft r picking a clean victory over Mcintyre. Drew was protected too as he had defeated three superstars, with two very long matches before this. I bet these two are gonna remain the final two men in the Chamber on Sunday.

Author’s Rating- 3.5/5


The quality of wrestling on this show was something we have not seen on Raw for a long time. The gauntlet match and Kofi vs Miz were simply flawless non-stop action. The only drawback was the stupid Charlotte-Evans story, which later got confirmed that it wasn’t working and Evans is legitimately pregnant and would take some time off. Ric Flair needed not to be a part of this storyline. It’s just bad taste. Otherwise, this show was a great go-home show for EC.

Show Rating- 9/10

Star of the Show- Drew Mcintyre


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