The last major PPV before WrestleMania has finally happened, which leads us onto a very clear path towards the biggest WWE show of the year. Tonight we have two Elimination Chamber matches- one for the WWE title and the other to determine the No 1 contender for the Universal title.

MATCH 1- Elimination Chamber match to determine who’ll face Roman Reigns for the Universal title next- Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin vs Jey Uso vs Cesaro

That was as wonderful an Elimination Chamber as we can get. Daniel Bryan and Cesaro especially worked so hard in this match. Bryan finally got the win that he deserved even though I thought that either Owens or Cesaro might be winning. Jey Uso was also booked as a perfect strategic heel considering how he eliminated Cesaro and Owens. Baron Corbin should’ve been eliminated the earliest and that’s exactly what happened. We even got Zayn vs Owens for a small time. Overall, it was a wonderful match.

Author’s Rating- 5/5

MATCH 2- Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship

This was exactly what it was supposed to be, to let Reigns retain without much of an effort. Honestly, I expected them to have Bryan fight back a little bit more, but it makes sense considering he was supposed to be injured after the Chamber. This leaves us with a possible Reigns-Bryan match at Fastlane before Reigns faces Edge at Mania. Something to look forward to.

Author’s Rating- N/A

MATCH 3- Bobby Lashley vs Riddle vs John Morrison for the US c/Championship

This was a surprisingly superb match, especially with the addition of John Morrison, who deserved such a title shot at least. So, Riddle finally got the title, and that too in a convincing fashion. All this happened while keeping Lashley protected too as he wasn’t the one to be pinned. Maybe now they can move Lashley onto bigger things like the WWE title.

Author’s Rating- 4/5

MATCH 4- Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair for the Women’s Tag Team titles

This was the first and probably the last bad quality match we’ve seen tonight. What should’ve been something to build more hype upon Bianca Belair, ended up being a part of the storyline where Reginald is infatuated with Sasha Banks. At least Shayna and Nia weren’t humiliated yet again.

Author’s Rating- 2/5

MAIN EVENT- Elimination Chamber match for the WWE title- Drew Mcintyre vs Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles

That was a superb main event which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Mcintyre worked at his absolute best in this one. Styles and Mcintyre remaining at the end was a welcome surprise that also leads to Sheamus being able to ask for a rematch. Kofi pinning Randy just like that was also a great moment, although I expected some sort of interference by The Fiend.

Author’s Rating- 4.5/5

Money in the Bank Cash-in- Drew Mcintyre vs Miz

I must say I was surprised that they actually made Miz the WWE champion. Now it looks like we have a very wide picture in front of us for the WWE Title at WrestleMania. Miz, Mcintyre, and Lashley are surely gonna be involved. But Braun Strowman and Sheamus are some other names who might get a shot too. We’ll probably get a multi-man ladder match of some sort. However, I won’t be surprised if Miz’s reign is very small.

Author’s Grade- A


The PPV was highly successful according to me in leading us onto the Road to WrestleMania 37. Pretty much everything was taken care of. Edge vs Reigns sounds like the rivalry we can get behind, and similarly, the WWE title picture seems pretty interesting too. Riddle and Miz got their respective titles tonight. Overall, a pretty exciting night.

Show Rating- 9/10

Star of the Show- Daniel Bryan


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