Why having a healthy lifestyle choice is so outdated?

Binge-watching web shows the whole night sounds so cool right?
Waking up early and going for a run or walk are supposed to be a normal human routine!? Why listening to local music seems so outdated and liking EDM seems so cool?
Yes, I agree EDM is good. But what if I say that I don’t like them? Am I still counted in this generation?

Not consuming any kind of alcohol or drug at your young age even when your friends consume it regularly is such a good thing.
Calling someone a nerd just because they know more than you and calling someone stupid if they know less than you is such disrespectful behavior.

If a boy likes using nail paints does that make him less of a man?? This makes him a queer? He might or might not be from the community. But generalizing him on the basis of his choices without really knowing him, is surely being orthodox.

Being different is what makes us humans, otherwise, we would have been named robots. Don’t generalize and impose your lifestyle choices on someone else.

Accepting someone’s uniqueness is what makes us unique. The world has already been so tough for everyone.

” Live and let people live”


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