Human beings are nature’s most complex creation, with the most advanced cerebral power. They can retain memories, live the present experiences, and have a vivid imagination, all at the same time. These are the three faculties of humans that when put to correct use, can eliminate almost all problems and in the first place, not even let those problems arise. But if it would be that easy, the world wouldn’t be having ailing people with issues that remain unsolved for eternity.

The whole human race is fleeing towards getting degrees and qualifications on varied subjects, almost everything, but self. There is no psychological awareness anymore. People do know when the stock’s price is going to grounds and what all added to it but they cannot control an internal rage that is caused by an external stimulus. This right here is a lack of proper employment of faculties.


I heard this quote somewhere that “maybe the word ‘forever’ was meant for memories and not people”. But the problem here is we hold on to people who were important to us 7 years ago, rather than cherishing the time we spent with them, ultimately the memories. The good side and the bad, both depend on our outlook. A little shift from ‘it still hurts’ to ‘I had a good time back then’ can change our purpose of existence and it is no exaggeration.

Too many people are stuck in the past and too many anxious about the future, forgetting to live in the current moment, enjoy present experiences. If you are too busy rummaging happiness in the past, and stressing about the plans for the future, how would you be able to live the present and how would you be able to make happy memories, which again, becomes the past? It’s a cycle no one can escape, but spiraling down or up depends completely and wholly on you.


What life throws at us is not our choice. To view it as a possibility or a problem is our choice.

In meditation, they teach to label every thought as useful or not, and if it is of past, present or future. This helps filter out all the noises and become self-aware as to how much of our energy goes into worrying about things that do not matter anymore and probably never will.

Our aim is to choose good memories over the bad ones, to live the present as happy and stress-free as we can, and to have an imagination that takes us to places.

Letting go is hard. Holding on to it is harder. Feel free to feel what you feel. Just feel the right things.


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