As the population is growing more health-conscious, it is important to have a fresh and nutritious diet. And even though the market is now flooding with organic, enriched, and pesticides free products, the best way to get them is by growing some yourself!

It might not seem very easy to get going but all you need is some potting soil, containers, and a handful of enthusiasm.
Here is a list of plants you can plant as an amateur gardener, that is also very easy to obtain from your local nursery.

1. Chilli

red chillies

Chillies are stapled to India and almost used daily. They are easy to grow and require very little space. These are tropical plants and grow beautifully in the Indian climate.


2. Spring onions

Got some old onions that have started to grow some shoots? Just place the onion in water until the roots grow, separate the layers and sow them in soil. You will have some luscious greens to add to your salad in a couple of weeks!


3. Tomatoes


You can plant them in bags, pots, or baskets with just a little support. These are fast-growing plants and ideal for starters. They just need water and plant food to give you a juicy fruit.


4. Muskmelon

musk melon

These are climbers that will grow on your window grills and won’t consume much space. The fruiting takes some time but those fruits are worth the wait.


5. Bell peppers

bell peppers

Much like chillies, these are great plants for your window garden. Add some organic kitchen waste to the soil before potting and you’ll have some beautiful peppers for your next sandwich.


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