1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir- By Phil Knight The Creator Of Nike

1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir- By Phil Knight The Creator Of Nike

This book has been New York Times’ bestseller and has been on the recommendation list of Bill Gates as well. The keynotes to be taken from this book are first, not letting other people’s vision of the future dictate you. Infact, when Phil Knight came with the idea of having a shoe company, he was stopped by many people as at that time running was not as popular as today. The second takeaway is that you don’t need to know everything before you start in order to be successful. All you need is a relentless passion to figure it out. The third takeaway is that if you are already going through hell, then keep going.



2. Range- By David Epstein

Range- By David Epstein

Do you know that Roger Federer honed his skills in squash, skiing, skateboarding, wrestling, basketball, and badminton before he narrowed it down to tennis? Infact much later in his adolescence does he credit his tennis to the eye-hand coordination and athleticism that he gained from these other sports. Epstein’s research has shown that many successful people didn’t know exactly what to pursue at the start. Then they tried a bunch of different things before zeroing in on one. Statistics show that Nobel laureates are 22 times more likely to be a musician, actor, a poet or a singer. And if you don’t know what your calling is, dabble in a bunch of different things and read ‘Range’.



3. The Winner’s Brain 8 Strategies That Great Minds Use To Achieve Success- By Jack Brown and Mark Fenske

The Winner’s Brain 8 Strategies That Great Minds Use To Achieve Success- By Jack Brown and Mark Fenske

This book takes a neuroscience perspective on the brain. Two of the very interesting studies from the book were conducted on cab drivers. They use their own memory to find routes instead of using Google maps and they found that over time the hippocampus actually grew and developed in size. Hippocampus is responsible for visual and spatial memory and this shows that we can actually change our brain over time. The second study was conducted on the performing musicians where they did a functional MRI. When the musician was performing inflow without actually worrying about his performance and audience, the entire brain lit up. That tells us a bit about being in the flow.



4. The Rudest Book Ever- By Shwetabh Gangwar

The Rudest Book Ever- By Shwetabh Gangwar

This book is a hard-hitting straight-faced book that helps you to find your own identity in the middle of chaos. It’ll also make you laugh and ponder over your own inner thoughts at the same time. There is a section where he talks about dealing with rejection. Shwetabh says that there are 3 reactions to rejection. One where they feel like they are a loser. Second, when they feel like they’ll prove the other party wrong. And third is about negativity and how the world is bad. How all three of these reactions are detrimental to us, you’ll know after reading this book. In this book, he suggests a unique reaction that we should have when facing rejection. Read this book if you want to have your whole system of false belief shaken.



5. Insight- by Tasha Eurich

Insight- by Tasha Eurich

This is a guidebook on self-awareness about who we are and how others see us. Tasha Eurich shares years of research with us and some startling revelations are made in this book. These include findings like selfie-takers have shallower relationships than most average people. A technique that she showed us to increase our own self-awareness is to replace the why in a question with what.


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