If y’all have seen Marvel DC or anime movies or series then you would know what I’m talking about, for all those who haven’t seen them or don’t know the concept, here’s a small explanation. We live on earth (supposedly no. 7, the most important one) and there are thought to be multiple piles of the earth similar to that of ours and on every earth, our replica’s exist having similar or different nature from us.

Now I know that all of these concepts are created for fun and are thought to be myths but a lot of scientists have discovered that the theory of multiverse may truly exist.

Think of it as a dream, u must have heard that whatever your dream is true, you just don’t know where and when it’s happening, sometimes our dream seems so real that we can’t even differentiate If we’re dreaming or its reality, it may be because it is reality, it is actually happening just in a different universe.

When you get high on a substance, why do you act differently, maybe it’s not just because your sensorium is altered, it may be because you are active in another universe and your replica from another universe is active in ours, think about it, sometimes we feel that our brain is trying to tell us something and sometimes we feel like the things we are seeing or experiencing have had happened before (Déjà vu) maybe it really has happened before and it’s a warning. So many things and so many instances give us an idea that multiverse is actually possible, what do u think?


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