Obviously, all of us have heard about time travel. Almost everyone has had a discussion about time travel but yet it tends to fascinate us every time we think about it. Thought about why it’s always interesting?

I think that’s because all of us have made mistakes in our past and we might wanna go and repair them or we wanna see our loved ones for one last time, or maybe relive a few moments, etc., whereas about future it is that, we wanna know if our life is gonna work out or not? Whom are we gonna marry? Are we gonna be successful or not?

Well, time travel isn’t entirely impossible. Here’s a theory I read somewhere.

‘We all know that light has the fastest speed, but if we create a spaceship that can travel faster than light, we can time travel. But mind it there are back draws to all the unnatural things. It’s said that if the spaceship rotates around the earth 7 times at a greater speed than light, we time travel for 28 years, each rotation giving approximately 4 years ahead of us.

The drawback is that it’s a one-time thing making it irreversible. If somebody time travels using that spaceship they can’t come back. Also, we cannot control its rotations for 4 years or so. It has to be for 28 years for the theory to work.

So the question is- Are you willing to sacrifice the life you have now, just to go 28 years ahead and gamble another life that no one can promise?

I’d say NO! Let’s divide the reasons for past and future. Well, about the past, we all have made mistakes. We all have done bad things that could have been avoided in the past and we think that the mistakes can be repaired if we just go back and change them. But I say if “we are who we are because we made those mistakes” if I wouldn’t have made the mistakes I made, I still would’ve been scared to take a leap. If I never would have failed, I never would have succeeded.

Also, there is no surety that if we avoid our past mistakes we cannot make new mistakes. There is always a replacement for everything, even for our mistakes.

Now about the future, if I tell you today that 10 years later you would be a great entrepreneur or you’d be a very rich person, you immediately will stop all your hard work and hope for success to come your way (you would say no, but that is our basic human nature. If you have a surety about something, we relax about the situation.)

Time Travel

But that changes your future, you would only be successful if you keep doing what you are doing. Basically, I think seeing the future would be your downfall.

You must be thinking why did I bring up the topic of time travel if I didn’t support it? I don’t entirely think it is bad but time travel was exclusive for me. I’d have second thoughts and thus giving y’all a question, “What would be the one piece of advice you would give to your younger self if you’d time travel?”


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