Our generation has adopted a new way of finding partners, at first there’s making out and sex, later spending time and falling for each other, accidental pregnancies leading to raising a kid and then getting married. Very rarely it happens that someone has gone old school and got to know the other person and instead of thinking about how good the sex is gonna be, they have actually thought about loving someone.

I’m not saying that sex is bad but have you ever thought why do people always only talk about sex, it’s because that’s the only thing they have to offer to you. Ask them for a date, be it just a simple coffee or a movie date, they’d chicken out because they have nothing to talk to, they don’t have a personality that is compatible with yours.

It’s a sad generation we are living in, we don’t know the right from the wrong, don’t know who’s true who’s fake, we ourselves are confused about having feelings for someone. Someone asked me how do I know that if someone is your person? I said, if you can live without someone or can go without talking to that person for a single day without trying to or having anxiety, then that’s your person.


It’s really very difficult to find the right person, so do everything in your power to hold on to that relationship, but at the same time, you should know what is happy and what is a toxic relationship.


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