In Antarctica, 1961, a Soviet surgeon, Leonid Rogozov spent many sleepless nights due to acute pain in the lower abdomen. He infact diagnosed himself with acute appendicitis. Though there were no clear signs of any sort of perforation, Rogonov realized that he had to get it operated somehow.

The problem was that there was not a single doctor except him in his crew. Plus he was in a place like Antarctica on a ship, from where there was absolutely no chance of getting back and seeking medical help in time. That’s when he realized that he has to do the operation all by himself.

Being a surgeon, he was very experienced and in performing nearly all kinds of surgeries. By just feeling around with his own hands, he decided to perform an auto-appendicectomy. After all, it was the better option than dying without even trying to live.

Image Source: BBC

He appointed two assistants to hand him the instruments, hold the mirror, and position the lamp. In case someone fainted, the station director was also in the room. General anesthesia was nearly impossible under the circumstances. So he was given local anesthesia in the abdominal wall.

Rogozov then worked vigorously for the next hour and 45 minutes. He was able to cut himself open and remove his own appendix. And just two weeks after this unique surgery, he was back on his regular duty. Rogozov went on to live a happy life and died later on after attaining the age of 66 in St. Petersburg in 2000.

This motivating story is just a little reminder that humans can accomplish things that look impossible at first when their lives are at stake.


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