Childhood is that phase of your life which is the epitome of naivety and ignorance about the real world. Children spend most of their time in bizarre fantasies and often are easily made to believe some things which are not actually true by their parents.

These misconceptions can stay in your brain till the day you gain maturity or under some unforeseen circumstances, may even last for a lifetime! 

Here are some of these misconceptions which we found out that a majority of people used to have in their childhood and how they can affect a child:-

1. Real and Reel’s impact

While watching movies or TV shows with family, children can’t comprehend the fact that there are indeed actors whom they are seeing and not real persons. So, any horror movie or some violentt scenes may leave a deep impact upon the mind of a child.
This is infact the earliest time when children develop phobias, most commonly, the fear of dark places and blood. These phobias are the ones that often tend to last for a whole lifetime. So, parents should keep in mind to make their child understand the difference between what is real and what is a reel.

2. Mangling phrases

For most children, feeding them and keeping them disciplined is a tough task for the parents. So, most parents use some lies as a means for making their children listen to them.
For example, it is very common for any Indian child to hear lines like ‘Soja varna rakshas utha ke le jaega’ (Translation:- Go to sleep, otherwise a monster would come and kidnap you).
For a young mind that isn’t fully developed to comprehend things, such statements can be traumatizing.

3. Staggering questions asked by children

Children have a keen willingness to learn about new things as their mind gradually develops over the years. So, they often ask a lot of questions to their parents about a lot of things. Some of these questions can be really unique, while some are really commonplace.
One such common question is, “How did I come upon this earth”.

No parent can actually explain their 2-year-old the actual biological procedure of childbirth. So, parents again resort to lies like “A fairy came and laid you in my lap”, “You were a Christmas gift by Santa Claus”, etc. 

Not every child is able to learn about the actual truth by themselves and some even end up spending a major part of their high school and teenage life under these misbeliefs. This can be a major reason for other children ridiculing your child in school leading to mental pressure for him. So, avoiding the question is better than using such lies.

4. Deceptive things in front of children

Children pick up their hobbies and the things they dislike at this young age. And a major role for that is played by their parents, as their young minds try to copy most of the things their parents do. So if you go around smoking or using abusive language in front of your kids, they might just consider those things as cool and good for their well-being, which is a misconception that often motivates them to take up those habits when they grow up.
So don’t think along the lines of “He’s just a child, what would he know?” and refrain from these things in front of your child.

5. Mollycoddling your child

Children who get too much pampering often become adults who have a sense of entitlement in everything. They become people with whom no one likes to be socially acquainted with. They get a misconception that everything they want would just be in their hands within a blink of an eye.
But that’s not how the real world works and they end up getting into situations which they’re not made ready for by their parents.

So, the art of parenthood is a lot tougher than you can imagine and if you’re able to save your child from these misconceptions, then only can you be called a good parent.


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