Maturity as a term is widely misinterpreted in the modern world. Most people believe that maturity is related just to physical development and age. But no, that’s not the case as emotional maturity is one major component of this term which cannot be neglected. Becoming mature is an art which not everyone can master.

Here are some signs by which you can tell how mature a person is:-

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1. Problem-Solving

A mature person doesn’t cry and complain every time major adversity arrives in his life. He tries to overcome it by thinking about the best possible solution. Finding a solution is never easy and some problems are such that nothing can be done about them. In those cases too, a mature person at least keeps his mood up by distracting his mind.

2. The Past

Clinging onto the past is one of the least desired attributes by a mature person. He knows how to keep dark and depressing events from his past away from his mind. It’s like there’s a Delete button in their mind by which they delete all the negative thoughts about the past so that they can make a better present and future for themselves.

3. Planning the Future

No mature person begins any venture without a proper plan beforehand. Their plans are well-thought, systematic and often always successful. Even if the plan fails, they always have something as a backup. On the other hand, immature people, no matter how capable, often end up messing things up for themselves unnecessarily without a plan.

4. Forgiving Others

One thing a mature people knows is that the art of forgiving is miles above that of ignoring or revenge. There’s no one in the world who doesn’t deserve a second chance to convert himself into a better human being. A mature person is one who gives even the people who wronged him, this chance to improve themselves.

5. Never bullying anyone

Making fun of other people’s handicaps or any other form of bullying is just a way to vent out one’s own shortcomings in a really immature manner. A mature person stays away from these things and is always shows courtesy towards everyone even when he might not like the other person.

6. Empathy

Such a person always shows empathy towards anyone who shares their problem with them and tries to put himself in the other person’s shoes to find a proper solution for them. Society accepts them and they are often the ones with a lot of friends because no one has a fear of any kind of judgement from them when they share their problems.

7. Knowing what’s best for them

A mature person always thinks about himself in a way that he protects himself from any kind of harm effectively. Whether it is getting out of a toxic relationship even if it is very painful, or giving up a nasty habit like smoking, maturity lies in knowing what’s best for oneself and acting upon it.

8. Showing emotions only when necessary

Most people either show too much excitement when they hear good news or too much grief in the opposite situation. A mature person can easily create a harmonious balance between the two and numerous other emotions and reacts to only the extent which is necessary for a particular situation.

9. Refraining from speaking behind anyone’s back

You would never see a mature person bitching about someone behind their back or spreading rumours about someone because their mind is way above these petty little things which have no place in their lives. Why create a new problem by speaking behind someone’s back when you can simply ignore and continue dealing with your own life.

10. Anger-management

Last but not the least, the greatest attribute a mature person has, is the ability to control one’s anger in the most infuriating situations. He deals with everything as much calmness and composure as possible and keeps anger miles away from his mind.


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