It used to be the most common speech to give in school, even for vivas. In a class of 60 I remember, at least 20 people would give a speech about their mom. The reason why it is such a common speech is not that it is easy. It is because we have a lot to talk about our moms and anything we say about her is always nice, whether she is a housewife or a working mom.

Well, when I was younger, I always felt interrogated by my mom for any activity I did or anywhere I went. Now that I’m old I miss it, not being called again and again. Not being questioned about every activity of mine. Not second-guessing my choices. Not doubting my capabilities. I really do miss it.

Although one thing hasn’t changed. Even younger me enjoyed shopping with her and even the older me enjoys shopping with her. We all grew up from “using our mom’s makeup” to “our moms using our makeup”. It has been quite a journey of sharing weird things with her. Younger me hated cooking. Older me loves to hover upon her shoulder and see her every move. It’s quite fascinating how she handles the whole house. I may not be wrong when I say that she not only handles the house but also is capable of lifting the whole house on her head if things don’t go as planned.

Talking about my mom in specific, she’s a doctor, cooks amazing biryani, she’s a little short-tempered, so I really have to be very careful while talking to her. I call it walking on the floor barefoot with a broken glass bottle. Each step needs to be careful or you’re gonna bleed. Amazing how my mom can do 5-7 surgeries a day and can still go on a shopping spree.

She’s very cool you know and hence I thought about writing about my mum.

Well, I love her a lot, I bet you love your moms toooooooo.

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