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The relationship between a mother and her son/daughter is the purest relationship one can ever have despite how many “True loves” and “Made for each other” and “Til’ death do us parts” we come across in our life, I cannot choose a better topic to write on than this.

For a person who had the least social childhood, my mother was always my best friend. She can be nosy at times, shredding my privacy to pieces and can be damn irritating too if the circumstances allow her but despite everything I cannot imagine another person loving me more than she does.

So now I’ll write about some instances which would show the dynamics of the relationship I share with my mother.

We get in yelling bouts with each other all the time. Every bout with my mother has the same basic pattern. I’ll do something which will piss her off, she’ll overreact upon it, I’ll make some really insulting comment which would make her leave the room (Times, when I leave the room, are really rare) and then there would be total silence. 

And then she’d slowly enter my room with one of my favorite dishes with a smile on her face, her way of apologizing. Despite my most hurtful comments, this is how the hatchet is buried every time.

That’s a thing we won’t ever experience with any other person in our life. When I was a kid I never realized this but now every time I yell at her, I can’t help myself but apologize within 300 seconds of hurting her.

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Then again why won’t I? She’s my best friend in this whole damn world. No one can ever take her place despite her trying the best to be jealous of my friends thinking that they’ll replace her from my life. 

The moments I share with her mean that much to me that I remember even the small things- like her childish face when I have to ignore her when I have to study, her warm hug, her delicious food (along with some failed experiments), I love everything about my mother. 

I’ve lost the count of how many songs we have composed together, how many inside jokes we share, how many relatives we have bashed behind their backs.
Whatever I become in my life and whatever success I achieve would only to see the “I’m proud of you, son” look on her face. Despite how many times I get irritated with her or even ignore her at times, there won’t ever be a person more important than she in my life.

So now what hurts me the most are the people who cannot respect their mothers and can’t even keep them in their homes because their wives are uncomfortable. The person who sacrificed all their pleasures for you to lead a wonderful life, heck the person who brought you in this world, doesn’t deserve this treatment.

She deserves to be worshipped.

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Sarab · July 13, 2020 at 12:47 AM

Heart touching blog…
Gud 1
Keep up Boz.

    Tanush Chaudhary · July 15, 2020 at 10:20 PM

    Thank you for your kind words!!

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