This week witnessed a huge announcement by Environment Minister, Mr. Gopal Rai, that four new city forests would be made ready for the nation’s capital. The four territories that’d be the hosts for these new city forests were announced to be- Jaunpur, Dera Mandi, Mamoorpur and Ayanagar. This announcement was made in a meeting of States and Union Territories hosted by Union Environment Minister, Mr. Prakash Javadekar.

In the past few months, the preparation of 12 city forests has already been completed, five of which are arranged upon an area of just 10 hectares. These new forests are also expected to be based upon previously successful models like The Taj Enclave.

Another thing announced in this meeting was that about 31 lakh saplings are expected to be planted in Delhi till next year’s 31st March, which would be an addition upon the 10 lakh saplings already planted recently. This plantation drive is expected to raise the green cover of the capital by 2021 from 325 to 350 sq km. Last year the target was around 24 lakh which was surpassed by 5 lakh as the total no of saplings planted was 29.37 lakhs in 2019. This year too the target is expected to be crossed by several lakhs.

Government funds are also being spent towards motivating children towards eco-friendly ways as Rs 20000 was provided by the government to each of the 2000 Eco clubs in government schools for this cause. Saplings are provided to these clubs by Forest and Horticulture departments in cooperation with Delhi Parks and Gardens Society. Many zones for recreational activities like walking tracks, gazebos, yoga are also being made.

All these measures are absolutely necessary and beneficial to improve the air quality in the Nation’s capital as poor air quality is a major issue for a lot of residents. The Lockdown period along with monsoon coming at the perfect timing has already resulted in making August 2020 the cleanest month in the past five years in the capital. So these plantation measures would ensure in maintaining these standards for the air quality in Delhi which would widely be appreciated by all people whether residents of NCR or not.

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