In the previous part, we discussed how lockdown has affected business styles over the world. Now let's see how the lifestyle of people has changed.

More Family Time
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When you’d stay at home 24/7, your family would get your full attention. In our busy lifestyle, we rarely spend quality time with our parents, siblings and relatives.

Lockdown has solved this problem. Long-lost family traditions, playing indoor games like Carrom and Ludo, having meals surrounded by family, etc. All these things have made a comeback in our life.

With only their family’s company, most people now feel that they’ve closed up that distance with their family which was their due to their hectic lifestyles.

People are finally understanding the importance of family values.

Developing New Hobbies
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With people running out of things to do during lockdown, they’re developing many new hobbies, which can be constructive and destructive at the same time.

Constructive in the sense that many people are finding out their hidden talents and utilizing them to do some productive work. 

On the other hand, it can be destructive too as they may invest all their time and energy into that new hobby and their main career focus may suffer.

These hobbies can be something which we’d never have thought of inserting into our time-table pre-lockdown.

Assessment of ‘True Friends’
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Now that people are away from their friends to an extended period, the ones who are true friends are emerging out. Only those who still stick by us and call us regularly can be termed a friend who’ll be there for us lifelong. People are realising with whom they can share their things and who they wish to avoid.

Changed habits
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A lot of people are struggling to maintain a proper time table. Sleep cycle is the one which has most brutally suffered. The cases of insomnia and depression have risen like they’ve never before.
There’s no fixed time for anything. Everyone is living in their world and striving on their own. Even the drinking habits of many have completely paused due to their being with their family.

Positive Self-Assessment
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No matter how many hours we spend on Netflix or how many books we might have read, a time comes when we’re fed up of anything. During lockdown, this time is the time when most people sit back, close their eyes and do a quick self-assessment.
Many people have said that they feel like they’re a changed person post-lockdown due to the amount of time they gave to self-assessment. No matter with how many people we talk, the time spent alone is the best time to think about ways to remove our flaws. And that’s what has happened with a large number of people on lockdown.

Personal hygiene and Exercise
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The nagging of the family members leads to a proper maintenance of one’s hygiene. And imagine the positive effect upon hygiene when you’re 24/7 with your family for months.
Whether it be self-conscience or the family’s nagging, people are becoming more and more conscious about health and hygiene. The Corona scare has also led people to aim towards a healthy body with good immunity.

Mental Health
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Not everyone can positively work upon themselves in this period of isolation. Some people due to a long list of possible reasons, develop some sort of mental health problem.
Whether it is due to separation from a girlfriend/boyfriend or simply due to missing one’s best friends, depression, once it strikes, makes one’s mind go completely haywire. This is also a probable reason for the suddenly risen number of suicide cases.


lockdown has been a roller-coaster ride, full of ups and downs, for the lifestyle of many people. Many people cope up in a positive manner, many in a negative manner and many even go into depression.
But the impact of this lockdown is ever-lasting, a statement to which every person would agree.

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