Storytime- I was 14 and there was this guy. Extremely charming, you know the era when people used to call guys “chocolate boys”. Yeah, he was one of those. At that time Facebook was Instagram. It was a trend to be on Facebook and unlike today, people didn’t scroll memes or see videos. It was mostly about chatting back then, flirting. So we flirted for a year straight. Well, he was my senior, so we didn’t really talk in person, or I’d say we never spoke in person during this time.

Eventually, I turned 15 and we started dating, again for a year straight we didn’t talk in person. You know how the gossip in school traveled right? Obviously, I didn’t accept any of those gossips. That’s when someone told me he was double dating me and this other girl. When I asked him, he was extremely convincing and he denied it.

I was obsessed with him. All was good with the puppy love and old school, seeing each other in the corridors and teasing. But then I turned 16, had to move to a city for college. So we started meeting up, he was my first kiss. Later we had a good relationship you know, movies and food and stuff until a chic called and told me he was dating her as well. Me being stupid, blindly trusted him when he said it was just a dare.


The story continued for another 2 years with 6 chic’s calling and texting me that they were in a relationship with him. Even with all the screenshots and calls and rumors and everything I was so blinded by his words that even when it was hurting so much, I didn’t want to accept it. I knew that he had cheated on me but my mind just didn’t want to accept it and so I just kept finding excuses to deal with it.

We all know how school couples end up. I didn’t want to be one of them. I wanted us to break all the stereotypes and last long, get married, have kids, grow old, die in each other’s arms. So I was doing all the things to make it happen even if it meant for me to cry every day and harm myself. Yeah, yeah, I know very stupid right, but that’s what my blind trust got me doing. I just couldn’t move past him, ever since I had my love conscience. It was only and only about him and I didn’t know how to live without him.

Well, after a lot of heartbreak and stupidity I finally decided to move on and never look back. Although now I’m at a good place, it was really difficult and sad and I hope no one ever goes through it.

So please don’t trust blindly who so ever it is!


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