Museum of Illusions is a creative new string of museums all over the world, starting in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015. It is an eye-rolling mind-bending experience that has worked wonders for the branch of ‘Edutainment’. Now, a branch is getting opened in New Delhi.

The general Indian public was allowed to enter this fascinating experience of mental deception on 10th February. In this way, Delhi became the 30th location in the world to have its branch. Museum of Illusions boasts about 50 exhibits that are extremely eye-fooling.

Based on maths, science, and psychology, this museum educates you while being a source of recreation. Infinity room, Reverse room, Ames room are specialized sections. These create an opportunity for some really rare photos that you’ll not find anywhere else.

With trained staff and an ambitious goal of educating people while entertaining them, the Museum of Illusions has already gained wide popularity in India. Its CEO also said that India was one of the priority locations in their minds and it has finally come to fruition.


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