It was announced on 11th February that the IAMAI would adopt a ‘Universal Self-regulation code’, better know as an Implementation Toolkit, on various OTT Platforms. Its main aim is to assist the platforms to fulfill their commitments and achieve effective self-regulation goals. Plus all this should be in accordance with the Code.

Implementation Toolkit on OTT Platforms

This was in response to the administrative jurisdiction OTT platforms were since November. That was when the Cabinet Secretariat on the behalf of Union Information and Broadcasting ministry regarding some prohibited content and independence of the platforms.

This move basically removes all the drawbacks of the industry’s self-regulation code started in September 2020. It displays details regarding the grievance redressal mechanism of OTT platforms including the internal and advisory panels.

It was the need of the hour as the online content in our country continues to expand continuously. So all sorts of consumer complaints would be heard under this new toolkit.

The primary objectives of the toolkit are:-

• to provide procedures and effectuate the provisions of the self-regulation code.
• to set the code of ethics and guiding principles for reference of the signatories.
• to achieve self-regulation objectives.
• to assist the signatories in their commitments and responsibilities as mentioned in the code.

As of now, 17 signatories have signed the toolkit including the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, SonyLIV, Hotstar, and many more.


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