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There's a lot of people who suffer from this problem that they suck at talking to people or simply interacting with any new person.

Although introverts this might not feel like a major problem it can turn destructive for your career in the long term if you aspire to become a successful personality.

There'd lots of moments in your life where you would have to feel embarrassed if you don't overcome this shyness. Your career, relationships with family, and even your love life can suffer due to it.

So, here we have tried our best to offer some advice about what all you can do to be able to interact with society with minimum inhibitions.

1. Set some targets for yourself

Even if gets very uncomfortable to talk to new people, challenge yourself starting with making small targets in your mind. Give yourself a timeline, suppose a month, and set the number of new people that you’d interact with during this time. This simple exercise would be like a game that you play with yourself and tackle this problem in the process. However, don’t overwork yourself as any unpleasant interaction can turn your mind in the opposite direction and you can end becoming even shyer.

2. Try some new things

Join a club, play sports, or even an improv class. Whatever feels comfortable to you, you must try doing it. This would put you in positions where you can test various aspects of your personality and problem-solving capacity. Team sports provide a really good opportunity to improve your way of interacting with people as you have to coordinate with the other players with a goal in mind.

3. Start working upon improving your body language

Body language is something that people subconsciously observe about you and base their judgments upon. If you want to attract people towards liking you, you must learn the art of proper body language. Your standing posture, eye contact, stiffness of the body, body movements, etc, all these things matter and cannot be neglected. But don’t be over-conscious about these things either, otherwise, you’ll end up embarrassing yourself which would lead you towards refrain from talking to people.

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Being self-aware is a really important part of one’s personality. If you don’t know what kinds of things you are good at or bad at, then you can never overcome this problem. Refrain from doing those things in public which you don’t like or are not good at, just to impress them. On the other hand, if you participate in those public activities that you already know you are good at, you would be praised, which would be a boost for your confidence.

5. Never back down from an opportunity

Whenever you get an opportunity to publicly display your talents, never refrain from doing it just because you are shy in front of a lot of people. Start with baby steps and practice a few times with the people you are close with and in time, you’d be able to speak in public without stuttering too much.
These opportunities can even be simple class presentations or school competitions, or as big as giving a speech to hundreds of people. Whatever it is, don’t miss out.

So, if you try to follow this advice, you can in no time be able to do things which you used to avoid all the time in public.
Remember, Nothing is possible if you don’t try.
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