You don’t know her,
But she knows you.

Rachel Watson takes the 8:04 train every day, goes to Manhattan, and returns to Ashbury on the 17:56 train. She would rather be on the train all the time, looking out at the houses beside the track, than almost be anywhere else. She misses her ex-husband Tom. He is happy with Anna now, blessed with a baby girl, Evie, something that hurts her deep down all the time.
The train halts at a faulty signal every time and there it is her favorite track-side house- number fifteen. She likes to watch them, the people living in number fifteen. Jess and Jason. As she sees it- the couple is perfect, everything she was and lost.

The to and fro in the Ashbury to Euston train goes on until one day. One morning, when she is out looking at her favorite house and sees something she shouldn’t have. It can’t be true. She could not believe it. Now she is empathizing. She has felt this pain before. Only this time, it’s not about her. She couldn’t let it go. She had to do something about it.
And did I forget to mention, she is an alcoholic. A few cans of G&T or a bottle of wine before midday types alcoholic.

The next day she woke up with a head injury and her white shirt painted red with blood. She doesn’t know what happened. She doesn’t remember. She cannot recall anything. But there is fear. An overwhelming fear that she could have done something, something really bad.

The thrill of this cannot be put into words. You would not be able to stop turning the pages. In the last fifty pages or so, you might even forget to breathe. You would be able to hear your heart pumping in your ears. I know I did.

The story is fast-moving, with a snappy plot, and addictive. At one point or another, everyone seems to be the perpetrator. You could be convinced that yes it is her/him who did ‘it’, but it’s not. I cannot mention what ‘it’ is, you know for obvious reasons; don’t want to ruin your read with spoilers.

I would suggest that even if you are someone who is not much into thrillers, try THIS book out. It would be like restoring faith in humanity if I’m not exaggerating.


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