The Australian government took a really bold decision recently as it had become a major problem that news outlets suffered from social media sites earning a lot of revenue from their articles. There has been an overwhelming rise in social media use and a subsequent decline in news media. These two things compelled the Australian government to take some action on the matter.

They then decided to make a new law. This law was about how social media sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter would have to pay news outlets for earning revenue off their articles. As expected, this didn’t go well with the respective sites.

After Google, Facebook also has now decided to ban Australians from sharing or receiving any news via Facebook at all. In response, the Australian government labeled this move as an ‘assault on a sovereign nation’.

Zuckerburg and his company are of the opinion that the passing of this law despite the massive backlash it would lead to, showed ignorance and lack of realism on part of the Australian government. Overall, it is kind of hilarious that multi-billionaire companies like Facebook would get indulged in such controversies.


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