Memes, nowadays, are usually of the format where some funny moment from a video is taken out of context and put to describe several other daily life comic moments. One such example has been the recent ‘Hamari pawwriii ho rahi hai’ meme. Unless you live in the 80s, you must have seen this latest trending meme on social media.

The girl in the video is Dananeer, aka Geena, who’s a famous social media creator and influencer from Pakistan. She usually creates videos upon beauty, fashion, and related stuff, along with having a skill for painting. She also sings and writes blogs in her free time.

In the video, she’s seen having a fun time with her friends. She then goes on to show all her friends and speak this line, “Ye humari car hai, ye hum hain, aur ye humari pawwrri ho rahi hai”. It means that this is our car, this is us and this is how we party’.

Indian netizens then started using this meme template to cover various situations into memes. These include when India defeated England in the second test match in the current series when some friend is giving a birthday party and even when UP Police was telling people about noise pollution during nights.

That wasn’t the end of all the attention that she got. Music composer Yashraj Mukhate and an Indian YouTuber made remixes of the video, which gained even more popularity. Zomato, Swiggy, and even some government agencies are hooked onto the meme as of now.

No matter how irritating it sounds, I’m sure this meme has brought a smile onto our faces. Plus this is proof of how literally anything can turn into a meme these days.


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