There is a difference between when I say friends and a friend.


‘You need a friend’ means you need a better half with or without a love interest. Your friend can be your soulmate too. Do not believe when the world says that only couples can be soul mates. I have a friend, well I can’t take her name, so let’s just call her D. I believe that D is my soul mate, from having the best conversations and the best moments to the saddest, roughest part of my life she has been with me. She hasn’t been my friend for that long.

It must’ve been a year or so, but It really does feel like I’ve known her forever. I think it isn’t about the time, it’s about how well you know the person. That’s because sometimes we know people for decades yet we don’t really “know” them. Well, I’m very glad I’ve met her.


Now some people may think that they don’t need anybody and they are self-sufficient. Obviously, everybody has views but as the old saying goes, “Happiness increases when you share it, and sadness decrease when you share it.” And to share the happiness or the sorrow, you do need a friend. I agree it is very difficult to find good friends.

Even finding a single friend who fits your soul is very difficult. We even get heartbroken during the process but it’s not impossible. If you keep throwing a vibe, definitely someday someone is gonna catch your vibe and get along.

So don’t stop trying!


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