As the ‘Make in India’ campaign has been focused upon a lot in recent times, we’re seeing our own creators making new games and adapting features of some franchises. The most recent example of this sort was the announcement of Mumbai Gullies, the Indian version of GTA. Similarly, a lot of PC games are being developed in our country, which has been really promising on the platform.

4 of the best of these are mentioned here:-

1. GameDev Beatdown-

gamedev beatdown

This is a hybrid 2D strategy single-player game, which would make you experience the life of a game developer. Various struggles of a common game developer are efficiently depicted in this game.

You’d have to build a game inside this game where you’d be provided a team of developers and designers. And what matters the most are the decisions you make. It is available to stream on Download right now.

2. Asura-


Created in 2017, this fantasy game is based upon elements from Indian mythology. You play as a demon named Asura, who has to bring a big fight against the God-king Hasirama.
One unique thing about this game is that your skills tree changes every time you die, making dying a really unwanted thing.

3. Miner’s Mettle-

miner's mettle

This game is as close as a mix of artillery with real-time strategy as you can get, with a futuristic theme. You are taken to a newly-discovered planet that has a magic mineral called Pentum. You’ll find yourself fighting against a lot of forces who try to capture the planet and its resources.

4. Raji-

Another game based on Indian mythology, this one is a highly rated action-adventure. Raji, the protagonist, goes on a search for his brother Golu and the rest of his family. She receives some special powers from Hindu deities while fighting demons along the way. It’s currently available on Xbox, PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, along with the aforementioned PC.

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