Firstly let us normalize using the word vagina, it’s a female sex organ and there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Normally a female uterus menstruates once a month having a 28-day cycle, some may have a big or small cycle. On the 14th day of the cycle, the female supposedly ovulates leading to white or clear vaginal discharge which is not foul-smelling. The other time a female has a vaginal discharge is due to sexual stimulation. Any other colored discharge green, yellow, brown, or even blood apart from the normal menses isn’t normal, also any discharge that is foul-smelling or curd-like causing itching isn’t normal and female should visit the doctor.

All the abnormal vaginal discharges are related to bacterial or fungal infections which are easily treated with a single or double dose of medicine and there is nothing to be scared about.

Here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do’s – take good care of your vagina, wash and dry it with an acid ph-based vaginal wash every day, change sanitary napkins every 6 hours or early if so required, trim your pubic hair instead of shaving as shaving may lead to folliculitis.

Don’ts – avoid unprotected sex as it may lead to sexually transmitted diseases, avoid sex during menstruation as it may lead to endometriosis.


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