Since Facebook isn’t mending its ways, should we delete all our accounts? Can we do it? Is it even possible as many of our apps are linked with Facebook? We chat with our friends on Facebook. We interact with our interest groups on Facebook. Hell, we share our life events on this platform.

Take a moment and think about what you’ll do without a platform like Facebook or WhatsApp. A millennial might think that it’s impossible for any other app to replace these two apps.

So what can we do?

We should create alternatives to support them. We have to ensure that they’re not only good, but they are safe and do not prey on our private life. If you say that a local platform may limit your connection, not giving the same user experience, then you are right. Facebook has nearly 3 billion users which are 32% of the global population. A local platform is unlikely to have even a fraction of it. But do we really need an exhausting friends list?

Have you heard about Dunbar number 150? Well, it means that we can only maintain 150 connections at once. There are 5 people in your tightest circle, you have 15 good friends, 50 friends, and 150 meaningful connections. British anthropologist Robert Dunbar came with this theory. The researchers say 150 number remains true even in today’s era. The moment your connections exceed 150, they’re unlikely to last long.
Moral of the story: Local platforms with not so many overwhelming user statistics, can be good alternatives.

We have heard about some local platforms in India and if the government adequately promotes them, then they could be really beneficial. The government should create awareness about privacy, tech monopoly, how people’s data can be used misused. Only then should the people are given a choice of whatever they decide is right for them.

This fuss about tech giants is increasing after the latest WhatsApp policy was released, and the shameful actions of these companies in Australia.

While all the other countries are finding a solution to this problem, one country is having the last laugh in the matter- China. It has already banned Facebook and all other western platforms, developing its own firewall. China’s model may be attractive to some countries and some nation’s might even adopt it in the future.

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