Do you really need to drown to learn swimming or just jumping into the water might be good enough?

The world is full of people who don’t care. Full of people who would do everything to pull you down so that they feel they stand in a better position.
Full of people who would just be mean to you for no reason. They say, don’t compete with others, compete with your previous-self. How could one even start that process when the world is busy being so hard and making us abort every mission we plan to be a better self?

This is going to be a little personal. I had everything planned out. What to do when to do. It all turned out to be a fiasco. I remodeled. Kept finding the positive in every negative or making it double negative (so it multiplies and becomes positive, just basic math). Until yesterday.

wake up call

You know sometimes you need a wake-up call to rethink your life. A trigger that makes you question everything that has been happening to you and everything that you have been practicing. You might think it is all working out. But is it?

Not everyone can experience everything. That is exactly why people learn from other’s mistakes so that they don’t have to waste time and energy going through the same shit again. That is exactly why experiences are recorded, research papers published and biographies outsell.

I learned this the hard way.

Yesterday, I had that moment when I questioned everything, everything I thought I knew. I went out for dinner and after a bite, I had a seizure. All I can recall is fainting. I was fine the minute before and complaining about the food being too salty. The next minute I know I am lying on the sofa, with numb limbs, and people around me rubbing my palm and feet and sprinkling water over me. Sheer terror on everyone’s faces.

It is not normal for a healthy 22-year-old to have an epileptic attack.

That was my oracle. The moment I realized that I should go easy on

People run races without even knowing what are they running for, who are they running it with and if, there is even a finish line in sight.

coffee break

What are you running for?

So, I rivet your attention to this. You need to understand when you are overwhelming yourself. When you are pushing your limits a little too hard.
When you are rushing in races and places you don’t have to.

Have found yourself putting your head down and forcing yourself to
complete the task even when your attention span is nada? Don’t do that.
Take a break. Take five minutes to break every hour if you need it.
Compelling yourself to work is regressive along with taking a toll on your body, mind whatnot.

with parents

Everyone is fighting their own battles. Just, just know which battles to fight. And don’t ever be wide of the mark of battles of others. You really don’t know what’s going on with them. The least one could do is be sweet to anyone and everyone. You don’t know whose day might suck further after the mean face you made. And you don’t know whose day might brighten up with that warm greeting of yours.

AND. Spend time with family, you’ll get the much-needed cushion and also alone so that you have your headspace. Both works wonders.

The very last thing. Love yourself. Go easy on yourself. Don’t make
yourself rush through things. Don’t let critics dim your shine. Don’t take the life you have for granted. And when there is no one else, just be there for yourself.

Let’s make kindness and forbearance cool again.


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